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General condition

General condition
These general supply conditions govern each and every order and the Client accepts to be bound to them unless written notices sent by Studio5. By ordering our services the Client accepts to be bound entirely to these Terms.
Prices indicated on our website are accurate but subject to occasional change without notice at any time. In any case the current price will be stated in the confirmation e-mail we send to the client after the order has been placed.
Prices displayed on our website include VAT.
Prices exclude packing and delivery costs unless specifically noticed.
The client accepts as they are the images and the files which contain them, with every possible damage, vice or defect and without any warranty from the agency. The provider explicitly excludes, as for the images and the files which contains them, any warranty or condition implicit or implied by statute such as implicit warranty and/or conditions of commercialization, satisfying quality, suitability for a specific purpose, exemption from vices or defects, of accuracy, of tenure without disturbance of possession and non violation of the property right of a third party. To the fullest extent permissible under law, responsibility for vices or defects of the service, images and files is limited, at the agency discretion, to the refund of the fee paid by the client.
The client agrees to be the only responsible for any personal damage or for a third party, directly or indirectly derived from this contract and its execution or from the use of the images. The client is also responsible for any violation of personality rights and property rights connected to the use of the images mentioned in the present contract. The client agrees to indemnify the agency and the photographers as in no event they shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damage or responsibility resulting from a different use of the images than the one authorized in this contract. Notwithstanding the above, the present agreement is not limiting the responsibility of the agency in compliance with the applications of the law nor excluding it when required by any applicable law.








is a photographic agency that operates in the field of the sporty photography, putting to use an experience gained in the course of the years and using advanced technologies to offer the sporty event Organizations a professional service of excellent quality.



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